10 Tips to Protect your E-mail Inbox from Spam and be safe on Internet

Spamming has become an integrable part of today’s mailing system, and we all are suffering from this. If we have ever exposed our email publicly then that should result in filling our inbox with loads and heaps of junks!
What is spam?
Well these are the junk and unnecessary emails sent to us which fills our Email Inbox. These are sent in bulk to many Recipients so as to promote the spammers. In short it is those useless emails we receive daily!

Obviously we do not want those junks in our sweet life isn’t it! Today we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to know how we can effectively avoid them…

1. Safe guard your Email and understand your Privacy:
The first thing what one can do. For better protection we

  • Disclose our primary email publicly
  • Sign up to special offers and sales ads which are shown all over the net. Believe me no one is going to give us money for free. All what they can give is a bulk of Spams
  • Include our email address in forum posting.


  • Hide our email on social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc.
  • Use javascript or Contact form on our webpage to stay connected with our readers and simultaneously avoid Spams. To know more about the usage of Javascript Visit here and to know about contact form See this article

2. Use some good Email application:
Now a days there are many Application that can handle our Email box without the need of our Web browser to navigate to our Inbox. You should be familiar with MS outlook. But there are other Advanced and Smarter Applications available. If you ask me then I shall suggest Mozilla Thunderbird. Go to its home page and experience the Power of this nice piece of messaging software [FREE]

HOME-PAGE: Click Here

3. Configure your Email client properly:
It is something we often forget. Most of the email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Rediffmail etc are configured to detect spam messages automatically and send them to the Spam folder. But if you are still getting Spam messages on your Inbox then you should “Report Spam” them. Your email client will automatically be sending all messages from that particular email to spam, in future

4. Use multiple Email addresses:
Perhaps the most important thing which most people do in this world of increasing spamming. The purpose of having multiple email address may include but limited to…

  • One for your very personal life – Your family and friend
  • One for your Work and professional life. I guess I don’t need to explain why… We do need to separate our personal and professional life! Right?wink
  • One for your social networking sites, blogs etc. Having common email to all the social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter will ease up your management.
  • One for your online shopping and related thing.
  • And at last if you really feel so then have an email for spammers.razz… You can dispose this email to anyone and anywhere. [Be it for experiment or something otherwink]

5. Use disposable email addresses:
If you own a website or Blog then you should know about Disposable Email address…

  • What is this disposable email address anyways?

Disposable Email address (DEA) is an alternative way of sharing and managing your email. You can setup a new email address for even every new contact. Read more here

  • Benefits:

As the name suggests you can selective disable or dispose and email address in which you are getting spams making your life easierwink

To know about Top 8 Disposable Email Address Services Read this Article on about.com

6. Register for your private domain: [For Advanced users only]
If you are a domain holder then you can set your own domain based email like yourname@yourdomain.com and use it on your Website for contact purpose. Note that if you are getting many spams on your Inbox then you can also change the name from time to time. In this way you can stay ahead from the spammers. Here are a few method you can follow…

  • Use Google Apps and set your POP server in the favor of your own domain email. Read more about this here
  • Use Web.com to make your own Private email registration. This will be hidden from whois.net search also. If you are professional Webmaster/Blogger and hate spams like anything else then this will be the bets option for you

7. Register and report at SpamCop.net:
Well this is not mandatory but we should do our own part of job. If you are continuously getting spam messages even after setting filters then you can register to spamcop.net and report over there

8. Never trust Spam messages:
This is the silliest and most painful mistake one can do. Even I have many friends of mine to visit spam messages without any reason. Obviously we should not trust any spams and open them. They deserves only one thing! Wanna know what? Read the next pointwink

9. Use Trash box properly:
Now this is my favoritemrgreen… You know what I do after one week of getting spammed? Well “Select All” ► “Delete forever“… Quite easy isn’t it? The best thing of this practice is that we habituate ourselves to fight with spams by simply kicking them off and thus we don’t actually bother to trap ourself on those junky spam messagesmile. We have to understand that there is nothing called “absolute immunity” to these spammers. So we have to somewhat stop them manually and obviously it is not that hard [We need to click only 2-3 buttons eh!]. All the software and email clients are generated to help us stopping them. Day by day the software and clients are getting smarter so as the Spammers. Besides there is a HUMAN BEING controlling these spams right!?wink

10. Do you have any better method?
These were my ideas. I learned them while surfing the net for about 2-3 years or morewink. If you have any good experience which you would like to share then please go ahead and communicate through the comments. You feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated…smile

~~The End~~

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