Most useful Power Toys for Windows XP provided by Microsoft for FREE

Powertoys are small but effective addons/plugins given by various developers and is Trusted and Distribitued over Microsoft to power up and increase the features of Windows XP. There are total 14 of them. All them are FREE to use and very much less in size. Except one all of them sizes in between 2 MB! Quite good isnt it? Let us first look at all the power toys available

  1. Color Control Panel Applet
  2. SyncToy
  3. RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer
  4. ClearType Tuner
  5. HTML Slide Show Wizard
  6. Open Command Window Here
  7. Alt-Tab Replacement
  8. Tweak UI
  9. Power Calculator
  10. Image Resizer
  11. CD Slide Show Generator
  12. Virtual Desktop Manager
  13. Taskbar Magnifier
  14. Webcam Timershot

You can access and explore all the Power toys from This official Microsoft website.

But If you ask me then, out of these toys I have found the following Power toys to be really effective and useful:

  • ClearType Tuner
  • Open Command Window Here
  • Tweak UI
  • Image Resizer

I shall recommend that all of us should use these four necessary Power toys to ease up our computing! Reason?? Well, here is a detailed discussion on them:

1. ClearType Tuner:

  • Tunes the fonts on your Windows XP screen to clear type so as to make them easier to read.
  • It supports both LCD as well CRT monitors and has different setting for those.
  • Wizard based setup to guide you through various settings easily. Take a look at the following image

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

2. Tweak UI:

  • Gives you enormous access to hidden Windows XP settings including mouse, keyboard and more…
  • The Repair options covering icons, font folder and regedit becomes handy in case of a sudden system crash.
  • Access control option can help us managing our PC the way we want

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

3. Image Resizer:

  • Quickly resize images upon right click.
  • Preset resizing options along with availability of custom values.
  • Option to reduce the size of the image.
  • Supports varieties of image formats including jpeg, png, bmp etc.

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

4. Open Command Window Here:

  • Effective for users working on command prompt.
  • Give “Open Command prompt here” option to the context menu of a folder which opens up the cmd at that folder

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

That’s it for now! Note that these Power toys are for Windows XP only and will not work under Windows Vista. Do check out the next releases of our freeware section! and also please comment how you liked these free Power Tools and if you think any other Power tool is effective enough then do let us know through your valuable commentssmile

~~The End~~

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