Turn your handle with care iPad into a scale

Well for those who didnt take it quite that literally , i dont blame you . For Apple’s latest gadget …..the coveted iPad packs in an accelerometer sensor that might be somehow able to roughly tell your weight, with a little bit of software trickery . tumblr_l1ntjdDJGN1qzl9k0o1_500

This could be the ultimate iPhone app for the health buff and weight watchers. The iWeight is a concept app that wants to turn your iPad into a high tech weighing scale. The only problem is how to make the iPad withstand the weight of a grown man.

In addition, its 9.7-inch multitouch display has shown a surprising resilience to beating so it should be able to withstand your weight, right? Right? Actually – no.

But even if iPad’s aluminum alloy had not bent under your weight, its glass display would have definitely shattered to pieces the moment you stepped on it. We’re not even mentioning one “tiny” problem: iPad lacks weight sensors, remember?

The iWeight turns your iPad to a $500 weighing scale. But in reality, the iPad is not that tough so let’s forget this foolish thing and just buy a real scale.

You might find it funny but people can actually go to the limits to challenge the mechanical strength of their apple apps as you can see in this video which shows that People just can’t get enough of the iPad, a mentally challenged guy show’s his frustration by batting an iPad to death, some evil scientist put it in the blender, an ebay user inflamed it in a microwave and now some hardcore skate head just turned it into a skateboard.

And with that said , people , dont mess with your 500$ ipad………….just ……handle with care 😉

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  1. Navneet Saini

    It is so Funny i just couldn’t got this may work or not
    and i m sure not to gonna try this with my IPAD


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