Stephen Hawking shocks the world :Time travel will happen

The famous astrophysicist, speaking in a new documentary, said spaceships could one day be capable of such high speeds that time slowed down for those on board.

According to the Times of London, Hawking has made a new documentary, "Stephen Hawking’s Universe," for the Discovery Channel, which is scheduled to be broadcast in May. In this film, which took three years to make, Hawking offers his view of what really might be out there.Hawking says in his new documentary series ,how man might truly conquer space. Also, how spacemen might come down to our little planet and dismember us as so much fast food.Hawking has already warned in his documentary that we should be very wary about making contact with beings from out there. "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans," he said in "Stephen Hawking’s Universe."2702898447_7b0ed6230d

Theoretically, such a space ship would allow the crew to repopulate the earth if they found our species had become extinct during their flight.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe, in which he makes the comments, will be screened on Discovery next Sunday. In another part of the series he says alien life is likely to exist but that humans should avoid making contact.

Hawking said a spaceship capable of travelling through time – but only forwards – would breach Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity

He although stresses  however, that time travel will only be performed in a forward motion.

Having taken six years to reach its full speed of 98 per cent of the speed of light (650million miles per hour), a day on board the ship would be equivalent to a year on Earth, he said, allowing those on board to reach the edge of the galaxy in just 80 years.

But the ship required for the journey would have to be massive to allow for the required fuel.

He dismissed the idea of travelling backwards through time, saying doing so would violate a fundamental rule that cause comes before effect and that such an act could allow people to make themselves impossible, such as if a person travelled back in time and shot thir former self.

Doesn’t his words excite you?I am sure they do if you are even a little bit of a science maniac.But sadly,  so many of us will not be able to benefit from such exalted science.


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