SpywareBlaster one of the best Free Anti-spyware security tool available

Spyware, Adware, Virus… well bad to say but now a days are an integrated part of our internet life! We must stay protected from them else surely we will need to format our PC after every 1 month [Well thats pretty less, you may have to format even after 1 week] and with that — Gone are our datas and backupsconfused. So we better take steps from the very beggining!

Today we shall talk about Spywares and the way of being protected from them.

What is Spyware?
It is a small computer programme which is installed on a PC to collect informations about the user, including their very personal and sensitive information like E-mail, Bank account etc without the users informed consent.
In short!!! –> It will collect your sensitive personal datas from your PC and will spread them or will deliver them to the Hacker. Click here…. to read more on Wiki!

Symptoms: How do I know whether I am affected by a Spyware or not?
Well ask you self these questions!

  1. Is my computer running slower than before?
  2. Does the small Network icon at my taskbar always blinks whether I am surfing/downloading or not?
  3. Has my net become much slower than before?
  4. I wonder why those bad adult ads popup when I try to visit a good sitecry

If answer is yes then definitely there is one on your PC!!

Well it is not cool isn’t it?eek But dont worry every problem has a solution and I am going to give you the one of the Best LIGHT Weighted FREE Anti-Spyware Utility namely SpywareBlaster.Let us first look at the Features:

  • Free and Easy to use with every kind of protection you need from internet malicious spywares.
  • Prevents ActiveX based Spywares and also blocks tracking via cookies
  • Compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox and also includes Netscape, Seamonkey and Flock
  • One click to Update and Enable all protection
  • An option to upgrade to a Pro version from where you can get Auto-Update. You can still get manual Update as a FREE User where you only need to press a button to get the updaterazz
  • Does not slow down your computer or even web browsing — Well I have used this software with a pentium-IV PC with only 256 MB RAM! Trust me! This is worth a security toolsmile
  • Most Important: No vague or False report

So what are you waiting for! Grab your piece from here:

Download Page: Click here

Home Page: Click Here

Do tell me how you liked this software through comment! I have been using this nice piece of computer art since 2 years or more and must say that it is worth a downloadmrgreen

~~The End~~

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