Register your Domain with Google Apps – Beginners Tutorial on setting up the DNS part and URL forwarding

Google Apps Just today only, I have set up my domain with Google Apps. It is a great service by Google which lets us to use many features like

But in order to take advantages of this feature we first need to setup our domain to point towards Google apps and there comes the difficulty! Many users [especially who are new to this web-hosting world] find doing all the DNS stuff really painful! So after setting up my domain with Google Apps, I though of writing a full tutorial on it, of course with proper screenshots! So lets not waste any time and get into the action…

Step 1: Registering with Google Apps and verifying your domain:

  • Go to Google Apps home page. It will lead you to the Business page of Google Page. Click on the standard edition Just click on the Standard Edition.
  • Click on the “Get Started” Button and this should lead you to the add a new domain page! Enter the base URL of your domain (without www). Enter your Domain Name Like mine is Enter it and click on Get Started.
  • Now fill in the form as shown below.Fill up the form Hit the “Continue” button when done!
  • On the next step it should ask you to make your first account on your domain. Enter your desirable username [“admin” sounds good 😛 ].Set up your first account Once done click on “I accept. Continue with setup”.
  • Now you should be redirected to the default Google Apps Dashboard.Your first Dashboard Everything will be inactive now as you have not verified your domain yet! Follow the instruction below to verify
Verifying your Domain:

For this I prefer the CName method. Pretty fast and no errors.

  • Click on the Verify Domain Owner ship link at the top right and select CName method from the dropdown menu. Lets verify the domain
  • It should generate you a unique string for your CName. Like mine was googlea980dcc974[…].Get the CName configuration Now we need to create a CName record to point towards Google Apps.
  • For this Login to your Domain Hosting Provider. [Like Godaddy or].Go to the DNS panel I have been using so the screenshot will contain only! Click on DNS Management or Total DNS Control.
  • Now add a CName record just as shown on the image below.Create the CName record Basically the record should be CName. Host will be the unique string Google has generated for you and Record Answer will be Leave the TTL to the default setting. Click on Submit when done…
  • Click on “Verify” button on the Google Apps tab. If you have done things correctly then everything should be fine by this point and you should have your Verification complete! If you are facing any problem try revising your steps. Also wait for a few minutes before Resubmitting. Or you may contact me or Comment for any further help!

Wait for sometime until verification process completes. When done you will be having full access to your Google Apps Dashboard. Now mov
e to the Step2 for further customizing other Apps Services.

Step 2: Customize Google Apps mail & other Services:

When you have your Domain Ownership verified, then you should see your Dashboard to a state similar to this:Google Apps Dashboard with all settings activated

Now its time to Activate Mail Services and Change the URL of other Google Apps services to your unique brand

Activate Mail Service:

Just below the “Email” click on Activate mail.Activate the Email service On the next page, you will get detailed information on Making the necessary MX records for your Hosts. Enter them one by one and the result should look similar to this [Taking screenshots from]The MX setting of your DNS panel

Once done click on the “I have completed this step”. If you have done things correctly then it should lead you to the “Email Settings” page.

Congrats for your new Email from Google Apps. Now you can feel the brand giving your admin@yourdomain email to your friends…

You can also give some of the emails to your friends using the “User and Groups” tab [up to 50].

Changing the URL of the Google Apps Services:

By default, all the services are accessible from some complex urls like

You can also change this to your own Sub-domain like This is pretty simple! I will show you the way to do this through Email Settings. You can do the same steps for other Services like Docs, Site etc…

  • Under Email Settings > Web URL click on Change URL and this should lead you to a page like thisChange the URL to custom format
  • Now select the Custom URL and hit Continue [you can change mail to any other keyword you want]
  • On the next page it should ask you to make the necessary CName configuration.The CName Settings panel Do the same as illustrated before to add mail[or the keyword you have entered] CName Record host pointing towards
  • Now on the the Google Apps window click on “I’ve completed these steps”.

Voila! Now enjoy your own mail service at your domain! Check inTechgrity Mail for example!

Do the same for each service and you will be having your own brand for every services. A well configured MX and CName control may look like this:Properly configured DNS panel

And the Google Apps Dashboard will look like this!

Google Apps Dashboard

So that was a complete tutorial on adding Google Apps to your domain with proper DNS settings. If you face any problem then feel free to ask us through your comments. Also if you have liked this then do share it with your friends and give your precious feedback… Also if you wish to learn more on CName and NameServers then you may check this post of mine at devilsworkshop.

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Thanks to TechFreakStuff for clearing my doubts on Google Apps…)