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So, only a few weeks left for my Semester exam and I have been really searching a lot for eBooks, online tests and stuffs!! Today, I came across a cool site which not only gives free online education, but also shares free online knowledge sharing tools. These tools include Quiz Maker, Poll, Flash Card, Brain tool and many more.


Basically, ProProfs is a site which will help you to cherish your knowledge, make you think in a smarter way and overall help you getting into college. Just read below to know what more does the website has to offer…

Top Features and Facilities:

  • ProProf quiz: With the help of ProProfs Quiz maker, you can easily make and share your online quiz. The only thing you need is to register yourself with ProProfs which is also free… So jump in and start sharing your knowledge now!
  • ProProfs Poll: Want to make poll for better studying? Well ProProfs Polling system takes a good care of sharing your Polls ;). Just create your polls and share them with the world!
  • Flash Cards: Study smarter not harder. ProProfs Flash Cards are just the tools to easily share the knowledge you have in a smarter fashion.flash cards proprofs You make flash cards with color, images and of course information about the topic with ProProfs free online Flash Card Creator and host your card with ProProfs to share them online or even make them downloadable and printable… Just have a look at some Flash Cards to see how smart the process is.
  • Brain Games: Tic Tac Toe or Sudoku is the we are talking here. Solve through all the riddles and puzzles to make yourself smart! brain games at proprofs Just click on any game and it will load. You also have the option to share them or even embed the them on your personal blog or webpage!

Other Facilities:

The story does not end here. ProProfs gives a online forum to discuss your problems with others, a community edited Wiki and a WebSchool where you can make your own tutorials! There is also a Book Store where you can find educations books on sale!

Free Online IT certification Training

The site also gives Free online IT training which you can find from the homepage…

Well that’s all for this site! I hope it comes useful for you at the time of exams! Do give your feedback and if you know any site better than this one, then do share with us!

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  1. Sachin

    Swashata, Thanks a lot for the indepth review. We would like you to know that we are cooking up few more exciting tools here in ProProfs. Training Maker, Survey Maker are the new line ups and also we have added more features to our existing popular Quiz Maker. We have also revamped our design and made it more user friendly and fast. I am sure you will be amazed to see the new design and feature of our existing products Quiz Maker, Poll Maker.

    CTO – ProProfs

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