Now Integrate Google Docs with Microsoft Office using offisync Plugin [FREE]

If you are a Google DOC user like me then probably you should have wanted to edit your Google DOC documents using your MS Word, Excel 2003 or 2007, dont you? Well but still there was no donuts for us until now! Today Google has lunched a plugin namely offisync which once installed will empower your MS word 07 [or even 03] to edit your Google DOC document through your MS word/excel. To get offisync you can directly goto the website below.

Download Page: Click Here
Home Page: Click here

To know more please read on…


  • You can open your saved doc, spreadsheet and presentation in Google doc via MS Office, edit them and save again in Google DOC.
  • You can view the files from multiple Google accounts and Google Apps accounts, so the add-on is a good option to virtually merge your accounts.
  • Manage, create and delete Google docs folders right from within Office applications.
  • Find any document based on its content using the powerful integrated Google search feature.
  • Switch between multiple accounts (Google Docs and Google Apps) to find your business and personal files in seconds.
  • Send automated notifications to your friends and co-workers to streamline the collaboration process.

See more Here @ their official Website


  • No option to automatically save the document Periodically.
  • Does not automatically synchronizes MS office docs with Google DOC
  • Does not support Gadgets and online publishing. To do that you need to open up Google Doc separately in your browser
  • No option to backup all documents from Google doc.
  • You cannot collaborate in real time. Which means any changes you made will overwrite the existing data made by your collaborators [If used]

Potential Uses:

  • Make a Doc file using MS office and then upload it to Google DOC without opening in browser
  • Improve the layout of documents made in google doc before printing
  • Use some functions supported by MS office which are not supported by Google doc

So if you have decided to use it then you can download it from here

Just as a foot note we are including the requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems
  • Microsoft’s .net framework version 3.5 and will automatically install it on PCs that don’t have it installed
  • Office 2003 or Office 2007
  • Google DOC account which you can create from Here

Well that’s it! I am now installing Offisync to give it a try! Dont forget to share your views also

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