My Phone: T- mobile’s second Google Android phone [G1]

Well, we have brought a good news for all you G1 fans out there,T mobile is announcing a successor to the G1 and its going to be called My Touch 3G.They are coming out with 3 colors, Merlot [dark red], white, and of course…Black. It has a pretty unique look to it and also has the on screen touch QWERTY keyboard feature. You dont have to wait much for this device , it is going to hit the stores on the 8th July 2009 for existing T mobile customers.Non T mobile users can get it in August for $199 with a two-year contract..

Lighter, smaller, and slimmer than the first Android device, the myTouch 3G is up against some formidable rivals, including Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 3G S, Palm’s (PALM) Pre, and a variety of BlackBerry handsets from Research In Motion (RIMM). The myTouch 3G will be the first in a series of devices that carry the name. It is an ambitious effort by T-Mobile to benefit from booming demand for smartphones. The myTouch is manufactured by HTC and is essentially the same hardware design as the Google Ion, which is also known as the HTC Magic. The device was introduced at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and is now being sold by Vodafone in various markets around the world.

Users complained most about the G1’s clunky form factor, short battery life and inability to access corporate e-mail, says Farah Houston, a T-Mobile product development manager. By eliminating the G1’s slide-out keyboard, HTC made the myTouch 40 grams lighter. It also tweaked the hardware and software to yield an extra hour of talk-time battery life and built in support for Microsoft‘s ( MSFT – news – people ) Exchange ActiveSync e-mail.


  • It weighs 4.1 ounces, compared with 5.6 ounces for the G1. More important, the myTouch offers longer battery life—up to six hours of talk time, vs. five for the G1. Short battery life was one of the biggest complaints about the first Android phone.
  • it features a large 3.2-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320 x480 pixels and no physical keyboard.
  • The phone offers network support for 3G and Wi-Fi.
  • The myTouch comes with 512 Megabytes of internal memory and supports microSD for external storage. The device will ship with a 4GB microSD card, but customers can add more storage if they’d like htc-mytouch-red-1
  • HTC retained the G1’s most popular features, such as the large touch-screen, a track ball for one-handed navigation and dedicated “home” and “back” buttons.
  • The phone will come with snap-on back cover “shells” that customers can decorate.
  • The app, called Sherpa, uses the data to recommend local restaurants, retailers and events. The more a person uses Sherpa, the smarter it gets; search for McDonald‘s ( MCD – news – people ) frequently and it will assume you like fast food. T-Mobile likens it to a personal concierge.
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  • The myTouch also boasts twice the built-in memory (4 gigabytes) of the G1 and runs a more recent version of Android (version 1.5) that includes a virtual keyboard, faster Web browsing and more video- and photo-sharing features.
  • The myTouch will also have special Google features baked in, such as easy picture uploading to Picasa and easy video loading to YouTube, both Web properties owned by Google.
  • My Touch Keys is a simple iPhone overlay which clings to your phone using static, acts as a screen protector, and has depressions on its surface so you can actually “feel” the letters on the touch screen keypad. My Touch Keys is totally transparent and doesn’t interfere with the other functionalities of your iPhone. This is perfect for those who use the iPhone primarily for sending messages and emails.

y Touch Keys

Sajal Sahay, T-Mobile USA’s director of product marketing says

We know we’ll get tech-oriented folks, but our real focus is the [general] consumer

The Palm Pre also got off to a good start with devices selling out the first weekend it was on sale. And Research In Motion, one of the biggest smartphone makers on the market, expects to introduce the BlackBerry Tour and the next generation of its touch-screen BlackBerry phone, the Storm, later this year.So arent you wondering that how would my touch make its stand in the market with such cool smartphones as its competitors .Well heres what Andrew Sherrard, vice president at T-Mobile says

No two myTouch devices will be alike, They will be as unique as the users that own them

he also says

This is more than a product launch for us,We want consumers to view this as an experience that we are creating for them.

Well , all gts can say is that even we are eagerly waiting to get our h
ands on with this uber cool smart phone , and hoping that T mobile’s second smart phone is as big a hit as its previous counterpart G1.