Gmail Ninja – Google’s guide to use G-mail in a better way

G-mail , no doubt is one of the biggest E-mail client on the Internet. If you are using G-mail regularly then you should be knowing that how hard it can become sometimes to manage all the emails we get. There are plenty of Gmail Labs add-ons to make the management easier but only a handful of them work actually. Better say, we only find a few tips and tricks to manage our E-mails properly!

Well, all this is not that hectic if the number of mails are limited to 10-20 or something, but what if it becomes more than 200? Not that easy to manage, isn’t it?

So in order to collect and categorize all the tips and tricks from Gmail users all over the world, Google has launched a new service called Gmail Ninja. As the name suggests it is a guide for you to become a Ninja on Gmail [Now don’t take the meaning literally!!]… It categorizes all the tips and tricks according to the level of difficulty or better say implementation. To know more about this please read on…

About the service: Pros and Cons-

The new service from Google is obviously awesome. The best on this is a well categorized tips. For example:

  • White Belt” category is best for new G-mail users. Whereas if you have been using Gmail for some considerable time then can directly start from Green belt or even Black belt categories.
  • Gmail master is best for savvy people receiving tons of mail everyday! It has some real good tips to make your Gmail easier to manage.
  • Tutorials are well formatted by Videos and Pictures.

Also from the Gmail Master tips we can activate some mass Gmail Labs features which is surely going to help us a lot!


Well there are not many! But we could have expected the followings:

  • All tips are not really needed for management. Like we really have nothing to do with Video chat for our incoming E-mails
  • Also choosing a theme for mail box really does not make any sense with E-mail management!

Our top 10 Recommendation:

Obviously the new service is going to be very much useful for all kind of Gmail users. Out of all the tips and tricks we have found the following to be really useful:

  1. Highlight important emails using filters and colored labels (set up)
  2. Preview attachments without downloading them (activate)
  3. Tell everyone when you’ll be back with vacation responder. (more…)
  4. Use filters to control the flow of incoming mail (setup)
  5. Get through your mail faster with keyboard shortcuts (Turn on)
  6. Google calendar and docs Lab add-on (enable)
  7. Send SMS text message right from Gmail (activate from Labs)
  8. Forget to sign out of a public computer? Sign out remotely. (Learn more)
  9. Using Gmail on your own Domain through Google Apps (Learn more)
  10. Use search operators to find the exact message you’re looking for (Learn more)

Some last words:

As said before the new Gmail Ninja is n doubt going to be useful for all kinds of users. Also if you think that you have a better trick to share then also Google lets you from here. According to Zach Yeskel, Product Marketing Manager

If you’re already a Gmail ninja and have your own tips you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll add the best ones to the online guide.

So it can also be a good opportunity for you to get your name into Google.

Also if you are a U.S resident then there is a good news for you! As said by Yeskel

And for the first 1024 of you who want them, we’ll send a limited-edition, laminated guide for free. Just fill out this form with your address

So do make a good advantage of it! Also Google have made a printable version of these tips which can be downloaded from here. And if you want then you can order a laminated copy for yourself from here!

So, how you liked the new service from Gmail team? Do let us know through your comments!

Source: Gmailblog