Microsoft on its way to launch Touch Pack for Windows 7 ~ Multi-touch Technology at its peak

MS surface logo W indows 7 so far has got much appreciation from all over the world from the very beta stage of it! One thing that makes Windows 7 different from all other OS is it’s generic Touch sensibility technology.

Now Microsoft is going to boost it up a little [Well not that little] further by introducing a whole brand new “Touch Pack” exclusively for Windows7. Whereas there previously has been Multi touch Tech in many MS products through Microsoft Surface, but this Touch Pack is surely going to bring some changes in the world of Touch screen Computing. Please read on below to know what’s new in MS Touch Pack for Windows 7…

It is just to mention that a better Touch screen technology has been already there in Win7 from the very beginning of its beta stage. According to Brandon LeBlanc in the windows-team-blog

While touch is built into the “DNA” of Windows 7, something that was talked about in the Touching Windows 7 blog post on the E7 Blog, we thought it would be fun to give you some applications that show what’s possible with this new way to interact with your PC. The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a set of six multi-touch optimized applications and games that are designed to truly showcase the capabilities of Windows Touch in Windows 7. It consists of 3 casual games, and 3 Microsoft Surface applications that have been created for Windows 7

So here is a complete list of available MS Touch Pack for Windows 7.

[APP]Microsoft Surface Globe:

Microsoft Surface Globe Puts the whole world in your hands using Virtual 3D engine to display a 3D version of the world. Using multi-touch, you can navigate to different regions, get local information, and “pin” your favourite locations. You can even “fly” around 3D models of buildings in some cities.
For more information you can check out this video

[APP]Microsoft Surface Collage:

Microsoft Surface Collage The motto behind this cool tool is “Take your favourite digital photos and arrange and resize them using only your fingertips”. In the above picture the author has made a whole series of backgrounds and he is capable of cycling through them with the desktop slideshow

[ScreenSaver]Microsoft Surface Lagoon:

Microsoft Surface Lagoon A beautiful screensaver to make your interaction with multi-touch fun. It recreates the natural environment of water and schooling fish. It is really relaxing to run your fingers through the “water” and hold your finger down and watch the fish gather around.

[Game]Microsoft Blackboard:

Microsoft Surface Blackboard Solve a puzzle game of physics, by creating a nifty machine on a virtual blackboard. Use gestures to rotate and resize gears, fans, seesaws and more to move balloons and balls toward the light bulbs – and victory

[Game]Microsoft Rebound:

Microsoft Surface Rebound Use your fingers to propel a ball and annihilate your opponent. Play against the computer or challenge a friend and battle it out in the electrified court to see who the champion is.

[Game]Microsoft Garden Pond:

Microsoft Surface Pond Guide your origami creations to peaceful areas on the pond or direct them with gestures to complete goals that have been set for you. Gently move the origami by making ripples in the water.

Availability and Requirements:

To have these cool things in your PC you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You will need a Windows 7 PC that supports multi-touch;
  • MS Touch Pack for Win7 will be available to PC makers (OEMs) who will have the option to pre-install some, none or all the components of it!

So , in short we shall be able to see these cool Touch screen Apps and Games pondering around latest Win7 PCs after its official release [Which is still unknown but guessable]…

Also according to LeBlanc

The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a great example of immersive experiences software developers can create for Windows 7 and multi-touch. We thought now would be a good time to share what some of the team has been working on – and give you folks a glimpse into what’s possible – and we look forward to continuing this conversation as the touch community grows.

which clearly shows MS is up to do something really big this time! What ever it might be, if you are a touch screen user and are willing to buy Windows 7 then get ready to have something