Make an Automated Sitemap for your Blogspot Blogger blog using Feedburner

Sitemap is important as it can give an easy and quick access to all the contents of your blog in very short time and also in a definite manner to your visitors! Isnt it! No I am not talking about the default site map! As obviously if you take a look at the Sitemap section of greenTechspot[On the menubar above the screen] then you will know that I have made that in a different way! Its quite simple as well as Automatic! So you dont need to do much to maintain the sidemap! Here is what you need to do.

  1. Goto and sign/log in and goto “My Feed” home page

    Click to enlarge

  2. Now you have two options. Either you can make a sitemap for all of your posts or can make a categorized sitemap as I have done. As categorizing gives more simplicity to the viewers, So I will discuss on that.
  3. For this you have to get feeds for each of your labels. The feeds of labels are like

    where you obviously have to change the yourblogaddress and labelname accordingly! Like the feed of my About page is located here

    NOTE: If you are having space between the label names then you have to remove the spaces by this characters %20.
    Like the feed of my Tips and Tricks label is NOT and Tricks

    but it IS

    If you dont do this modification then it wont work in feedburner.

  4. Now on your Feed burner “My Feeds” page enter the feed of your blog label and click on next as shown in the image below

    Click to enlarge

  5. Give a proper Title for your feed and click on next.

    Click to enlarge

  6. If you have done everything correctly then it should show that you have successfully added the feed. Now click on Skip directly to feed management

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  7. Now click on Publisize > BuzzBoost and after giving an appropriate Title click on Activate. Make sure that you have choosed ALL POSTS. Please refer to the image below

    Click to enlarge

  8. Now copy the generated code and then Goto Blogger home page and Create a new post as normal

    Click to enlarge

  9. On the new post just paste the above generated code! Do the same process for all the feeds of your Blog and then click on Publish Post!

    Click to enlarge

Voila! A great Automated and Indexed sitemap on your very own Blogger Blogspot Blogmrgreen

~~The End~~

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  1. Anamika

    Hmmm… This sure is a very helpful Post. Thanks a lot!

  2. Swashata

    Hi Abhinav! I am glad that you are able to add it!! Keep exploring and enjoying 🙂

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