Increase the page views on your blog

An average blog reader views around 1.7 pages every time they visit a blog.Also if you are a professional blogger then you should know that When advertisers are looking to buy ads on your site, they consider the page views. Because that is how they determine whether the cost of the banner is fair or not. With the page views they can calculate the impressions. Higher impression results into higher advertising spot value.

Everybody wants more page views. It’s not only great for the ego to see huge numbers of people visiting your cool Web creations, for advertising-supported sites page views are lifeblood and must be increased constantly. You can spend thousands of dollars on banner advertising campaigns and shady Web promotion companies but the best ways to increase your traffic to over the million mark are inexpensive, not hard to do, and work better than banner ads.

There are two ways to increase traffic we’re going to talk about here:

  • increasing the number of page views from the visitors you already have and
  • bringing new visitors to your site.

However, how do you increase page views to your web site or blog? Well ITG tells you how

  • Provide enough information :  If your hub is answering a question, solving a problem or giving detail on a topic that viewers want to know about you will increase page views, such examples include writing on work at home scams or affiliate program reviews. Sometimes people want to know what others have to say about a product before they decide to buy it or not. So it helps to have in debt knowledge about the product, service or topic you are writing about.
  •  Multi-Page Posts:Have you ever seen forbes creating long lists. They use multi-page posts idea. It might be annoying when you are browsing, but it is a smart technique because thsi way you will get more pageviews. If you have a long list post, then just divide it into more pages. So people will open other pages, and this way you are increasing the value of your ad spots.You might be thinking how you would do this. There is a plugin that is available for download called Multi-Page Toolkit.

  • Enable links in RSS Feeds – Another way that I know a couple of bloggers use to get RSS readers to actually surf to their blogs is to enable the ability to post html/links in their RSS and then using links to previous posts in their blog, especially in the first paragraph or two of their posts. This is not a technique I’ve tried but I know of one blogger who swears by it and says it significantly impacted the number of visitors to his blog from RSS as well as the number of pages that they viewed.

  • Use html for your content.: This is because search engines like Google are rather stupid, and do not recognize a lot of the fancier coded content. When Google sends out a spider (bot) to look through your content after it is posted, the spider oftentimes will not recognize such things like Flash files.

  • Use Your Sidebar Effectively:Aside from your blog post, sidebar is you second major tool to increase page views. Add some popular posts on your sidebar, so your other users can see the top notch posts of your blog. This way when a user sees your post, they will head over to your other posts that they find interesting. This also decreases your bounce rate, so I suggest you implement this trick.

  • Highlight Related Posts – one of the more common practices of bloggers to encourage readers to read multiple pages on their blogs is to to highlight related posts at the end of your article. You’ll notice that i presently have a list of 5 posts at the end of each individual page that suggests other posts that readers might find useful This list is generated by a WordPress PlugIn. Those of you using other blog platforms might find similar plugins for your own system or might like to manually suggest related articles at the end of your posts.

Well , If you employ the tips we just gave you into your blog its certain that  you will increase your page views which in turn will increase your revenue if using an ad program in your blog.


  1. Amit Sharma

    I installed a related posts plugin after reading this. I guess it'll also help bots to crawl all my pages easily as i have enabled 'no follow' meta for categories and tags. Nice Post!

  2. Swashata

    It surely will! Related post in WP is the best SEO juice one can have 🙂

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