IE5.5, IE6 to IE8 emulator for Windows Vista/Windows 7/XP to check your Website compatibility ~ IETester

ietester-logo If you are a web-developer moreover a Web-Designer, then you must have tried to make your site cross browser compatible [i.e., to make your site look good under all the possible web browsers]. Obviously, making a cross browser compatible site is not an easy job, especially with our so called Internet Explorer. There are so many parameters to think of, while making a site to look similar in older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and so…

Now, even if we have all the knowledge to hack the design to fit in older browsers like IE 6, then also it requires loads of testing, and here the pain comes. If we are using an older version of Windows XP, then it is good, but what if we are using newer XP with latest IE or newer OS’ like Windows 7 or Windows Vista? We can not get IE 6 interface on these OS’ easily!

So, we are going to talk about a software [obviously freeware], namely IETester, which does the above job easily in any windows environment! Read on to know more and the download link…

Key features and basic usage:

IETester, as the name suggests, is a freeware web-browser that allows you to open any webpage using the CSS and JS rendering of IE 5.5, IE 6 to IE 8 (or the present version)

Basically, it is a IE emulator, which becomes very handy to test your web-pages in any previous version of Internet Explorer.

Followings are the best features of this freeware:

  • Supports Internet explorer 5.5 to the latest IE version.IET-tabs You can open different versions of IE on different tabs and can compare the looks of a web-page easily.
  • Renders a web-page exactly the way it should be in the original version of the respective IE.
  • The emulator supports Windows XP, Vista and even Windows Seven, and is independent of the current installed Internet Explorer.
  • Supports a development kit which makes your web-designing job easier.IE Tester web dev

Download Link:

As mentioned before, IETester is a freeware, and is available to download from the Home page. Click below to download…

I found this software, while surfing on net for IE emulators, and it has worked good for me! I hope, you like this as well… If you have found any other similar software, then do share with us through your comments! Also don’t forget to give your precious feedbacks…


  1. lema

    Thanks very much for the Software, I'm currently downloading and will get back to you on how it works. It'll be one of the most useful web-designers' tool if it works, hope it works if it worked fine for you..!

  2. TF2

    Hey, thanks for the post, i've just started using this app and so far, too good! great stuff, plus no virtual machines or dual boot OS's just for a browser!

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