The GIANT is here: World’s largest 3D HDTV from Panasonic

You just got that brilliant, new 60-inch 1080p installed on your living room wall, and then CES comes around and starts filling your head with all kinds of 3D temptations. Suddenly, your new TV doesn’t look so new anymore.The bad news for you is that now you will get a complex not only in terms of picture technology, but also in terms of size. On the CES showfloor, Panasonic is displaying a 152-inch television that dwarfs most any TV you’ve ever seen.panasonic_152_plasma_0743

A 152-inch 3D TV is pretty big, alright (although not as huge as the largest 2D HDTVs, mind you), so big that it required its own makeshift, 100-seat theater on the CES show floor.Panasonic 152-inch HDTV is a full HD 3D plasma screen television offers a staggering resolution of 4,096 x 2,160. The TV features a plasma display panel that makes use of Panasonic’s super-efficient quadruple luminous efficiency technology.

Compared to the conventional full HD panels, the technology allows the new panel to achieve the same brilliance at about one-fourth speed. The device also delivers 5,000,000:19 contrast ratio, accurate color reproduction and subtle gradation tone.

The new 152-inch plasma uses the full HD x 2 frame sequential method that displays time sequential images, alternately reproducing discrete full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) images for the left and right eyes on the display frame by frame. It also features cross-talk reduction that enables clear images.

The ultra-large 152-inch Full HD 3D PDP, which delivers true 3D movie-theater experience, follows the development of the industry’s first 103-inch Class size Full HD 3D PDP Panasonic introduced in 2008 and the home theater size 50-inch Class Full HD 3D PDP in 2009. img_195462_panasonic-offers-152-inches-of-full-hd-3d-television-2_450x360

As the company says on its blog :

Panasonic will make the First Year of 3D Television as a springboard to boost its popularity, capitalizing on the company’s ability to offer complete end-to-end solutions from professional 3D camcorders and Blu-ray Disc authoring service to consumer use 3D TVs and displays and 3D-enabled Blu-ray Disc players.

Furthermore, Panasonic strives to accelerate the spread of 3D products and drive growth in the the flat-panel television market, focusing on the development of a 3D infrastructure including 3D content through increased cooperation with Hollywood studios and broadcasters. The company hopes to contribute to the enhancement of 3D related business and the development of a new industry, which may be called 3D economic system that can be brought about through interactions among the related businesses.


So ready to shell out more than just a few bucks to get this 3D HDTV with an Alice in wonderland feel to it ?