Five WordPress Plugins You Should be Using

five-plugins-must-use-for-wordpressIf you’re still depending on WordPress’ basic features for your blog or Web site, you’re not getting the most out of your Web presence. Whether you’re using WordPress for business or personal reasons, you should always explore new ways to maximize your site’s potential.

Here is a list of five free WordPress plugins you should be using:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the ideal way to optimize your blog or site’s content. You choose a “focus keyword,” and then use it throughout your post. It’s also an easy way to create an SEO title and meta description for each new post or page.

Download: Click here.

Version: 22.9 Downloads: Rating: 4.8/5 Updated: 2024-06-18 7:38am GMT Requires: WordPress 6.4

Fast Secure Contact Form

Want an easy way for your audience to get in contact with you? With Fast Secure Contact Form, you can create a custom contact form that lets users send you emails directly from your site. The “secure” part of the title stems from this plugin’s anti-spam features, meaning every email you receive is from a real user.

Download: Click here.

Version: Downloads: Rating: /5 Updated: Requires: WordPress

All in one Facebook Plugins for WordPress

The perfect way to integrate your WordPress content onto your Facebook Timeline. You can easily tag friends and pages, add a “like” button, and even publish content directly to your Facebook page.

Download: Click here.

Version: Downloads: Rating: /5 Updated: Requires: WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress

One of the most-downloaded plugins on all of WordPress, Google Analytics for WordPress is a simple way to view detailed metadata about your site. If you’re looking for in-depth information about your site’s performance, this is the plugin for you.

Download: Click here.

Version: Downloads: Rating: 4.5/5 Updated: 2024-05-29 4:15pm GMT Requires: WordPress 5.6.0

WP e-Commerce

An incredibly easy-to-use shopping cart plugin that allows the integration of a number of payment platforms directly to your site. If you run (or want to run) a transactional site of any kind, try out WP e-Commerce.

Download: Click here.

Version: Downloads: Rating: /5 Updated: Requires: WordPress

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