The best and affordable alternatives of Google Page Hosting

Although there are many free web-hosts available in internet, but all experienced web-developers agree that when it comes for serious web-mastering then paid or premium web-hosts should be the ultimate choice. Google pages has been one of the leading free webhosting providers… many people have been using to make their online web-pages easily. Also they used to give free googlepages subdomains.

But now google web hosting has been shifted from to . Although it seems to give more features in order to make a html website easily, but undoubtedly it stops us to access the most useful core area of their hosting. This is very much necessary to let your web apps go online or make your site grow faster.

So, if you are still sticking to Google Pages/Sites, then it is the best time for you to shift to a premium host. Below is a recommended list of alternative web-hosts for Google Pages from… Compare their plans and choose the one which suits you, if you are planning to shift from Google Web-hosting.

BlueHost - Google Web Hosting AlternativePersonally I also feel like moving to my own host soon. Lets see how fast I can do… But if you can afford it now, then you should migrate your site from Free Google host to your own immediately. While choosing from all the leading web-hosts can be really tough, sites like makes our job easier by providing us with a good and clear review of the leading web-hosts. So you should have a look at their reviews and then choose your web-hosts wisely… Do let us know which web-host you are using!


  1. Neo

    I have never thought of making a complete website of mine with self domain name and hosting. I started with blogger, then went to Google pages and finally migrated to wordpress.

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  2. Seo las Vegas

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  3. Carla

    I have heard from my friends that Google web hosting is not so good. Even sometime their servers remain down. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

  4. funeral plans

    please ,Clare this topic. i am very confused of this topic. what is meaning of google page index ? please send me best answers .

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