7 effective tips to Increase the Backlinks for your blog – Get a better PR and SEO

If you are a serious part time or full time blogger , you have come across term “backlink” at least once – it’s for sure! As you might have heard Backlinks are very important for proper SEO(search engine optimisation) score for your web sites or blogs. Backlinks are the links that are directed to your web site. Also called Inbound links. The number of these links (which targets to your web site) indicate your site popularity and increase your SERP positions!. The main question is how to force others to link to your web site

Having a website with attractive design and great content isn’t enough in the beginning, its time to market it, to unveil it in front of the internet world. The best way to get the attention of search engine result pages (SERPS) is to build backlinks. Here we have discussed 7 basic but effective tricks to do so:

  • Update your website regularly: The best possible way is to keep your website filled with quality and unique contents regularly. When some webmaster or blogger comes to your website, and read something helpful, they would probably linkback to your web site in their post or home pages.This procedure and process takes much more time than other link building techniques, but once you get better traffic through your web site, it will drastically improve your rating and one-way quality links to your pages
  • Comment on other people websites and blogs(No spam please): Comment area usually consists of name, email and Website URL. Commenting on relevant blogs and websites is the simplest and easiest way to increase traffic of your website. Just be sure your comment is relevant to post as that will create interest. Although it is bit time consuming but then all that “hard work” surely pays of in increasing the backlinks
  • Directory submission: This is also one of the great ways to get traffic. Because there are still people finding your blog through directories it is good to submit your blog into directories.Submit your blog or website URL to free directories to get backlinks. You will find many free directories on internet with high PR.
  • Exchange Links with other bloggers or website owners: You’ll be surprised to find that how many people will be willing to exchange links with you if you take the initiative. Make sure that their website is relevant to yours as the idea is to attract not just the crowd but the right kind of crowd relevant to your business. Now too much link exchange can really hurt the reputation of your blog and Google can even ban you for this! Be smart and cautious!
  • Social bookmarking: This is a great method to get traffic and backlinks. Once you bookmark your favorite posts in the social bookmarking sites, the other members will come to your blog to explore your blog. Once they start to trust you as a blogger who gives great tips they will return. This is what getting traffic is about from the social bookmarking sites and building backlinks to increase the visibility. Previously we have discussed how to make social bookmark on your blogger blog!
  • Stay away from buying links on sites for SEO purposes.: It can cost up to $100 a month or more to put your link on a high pagerank site and it still may not count in the search engine algorithm. Google has continually said that buying direct links will not be of value for SEO. But, you may still use this technique to drive visitors from a high traffic site to your site.
  • Write Guest Posts :Writing guest posts for other niche blogs is an amazing strategy. People love to let you do this because it gives them a day off from blogging. Readers love it because they get a fresh perspective on a topic they are interested in. You’ll love it because it means you get a link back to your site and all you had to do was write an extra post for the day.

At GTS you can see many SEO Tips, SEO Tricks, Blogging tips and more.These tips are helpful to increase your pagerank which means increase your blog’s money, also it will help to acquire a better Pagerank ! By the way, by following these steps we have made our pagerank 2 (Previously it was PR1)! So better give it a try!


  1. web developemnt firm

    wonderful tips on increasing back links

  2. toast

    I can never get enough information and motivation to build back links. It is really the heart of SEO.

  3. Julia

    Thank you for a great article and nice link building tips. I've been doing some SEO for our company's website and I used the directory submission, article submission and blog commenting for most of the time. With the use of automatic submission tools, directory submission, article submission and blog commenting are made quick and easy.

  4. pyrotechnicpixy

    Actually it is a kind of hit and trial method to increase backlinks in the legal way, follow the method that suits best for your blog as there is no hard and fast rule for this! But one that is true is that a genuine blog with genuine content is bound to get many backlinks! 🙂

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    Place your websites link where it can stay for long time so that trust factor of website will boost and also try to get links from authority sites that are having the relevant content rather than link pages.

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