2 new useful featurs included on Gmail Labs ~ Sender Time Zone & Inserting Image

Gmail Lab has added many new features and functionabilities to Gmail. Many of them are really useful, while some of them can be a little bit bandwidth consmer. So we must select them wisely before activating. I was going through the Official Gmail Blog when I found these two useful features. Both of them seemed to be good and fast and relevant too.

Here is a quick overview on them

1. Insert Image:
This is perhaps the most awaited feature from Gmail Labs. We do want send images sometime while mailing don’t we? And this great feature enables us to embed the image in HTML style! Just like what we do in Blogger! Quiet cool isn’t itmrgreen… Here is a step by step instruction on how to enable them

  • Goto your Gmail Inbox and click on settings and then navigate to the settings tabLabs
  • Now scroll down until you see the Insert Images section
  • Click on Enable and then Click on Save… Voila you are done!

Now here is a quick tutorial on how to use them

  • Goto InboxCompose Mail
  • Now click on the image button which you can notice on the Toolbar section [Just above the message body]
  • If you cant see this then simply switch to “Rich Text editing” mode and from there you will be able to get the “Insert Image” Option.
  • Now select an image and it will automatically upload and will embedd in your message.

Do experiement with this feature to learn more wink… I found this to be really effective. Read more here at Google official Gmail Blog

2. Sender Time Zone:
Very much useful as it gives you the time zone of your friend to whom you are going to send and email! Obviously you wont be sending an urgent email to someone at midnight!wink… This tool becomes hand while sending Emails to your friends around the Globe
Activating is same as above…

  • Goto your Gmail Inbox and click on settings and then navigate to the settings tab ► Labs
  • Now scroll down until you see the Sender Time Zone section
  • Click on Enable and then Click on Save and you are done…

Read more about this here

TIPS for new Gmail Lab users:

  • To check whether the Labs features has been enabled or not just notice this icon at the top of the screen beside your Email address. If Labs is enabled then it will prompt a message on your Mouse hover
  • If you have a slower Internet connection try to aboid using too much Labs features and do not use and Labs Gadgets.
  • There are many other useful Labs features which you can enable! Here are some of my favorites

Well that’s it for today! If you have any question then do ask us through our new intense debate comment systemsmile… Also share other Labs features which you like about Gmail!

~~The End~~

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