Search Google Maps with your voice command using your Android Based Phone

New features on Google maps for Android users Google, recently has upgraded the Google Maps for Android based phone like T-Mobile, HTC Magic allowing users to search through Google Maps by “Voice Commands”. So searching through Google Maps has been made easier than before. No matter whether what you are searching for, simply speak out your query and Google Maps will find it automatically for you! Quite cool isn’t it!. Please read on below to know how to download and access this cool new feature.

Download and Installation:

The application is compatible with Android platform 1.0 and 1.5, so G1 and HTC Magic users can also use them. If you are using android phone then simply follow these steps

  • Open up your phone browser and search for “Google Maps
  • Download and follow the on-screen instruction.

As simple as it sounds. Note that unlike previous versions you won’t be able to Update the version 3.1.0 using “Auto Update”. According to Google team: “Google Maps release won’t be automatically pushed to your phone over the next few days. Instead, the upgrade is available for download in the Android Market”. So either download in this way or wait for a few days to let it come into Auto Update.

Features and improvements:

Loads of improvements have been made to this update. Below are some important features…

  • Better Voice recognition system: Give your voice command anywhere, everywhere, on the go! The new voice recognition engine understands English in American, Australian and British accents.
  • Transit & Walking direction: Now you can get direction using public transportation in over 250 cities. Click here to see if your city is under inclusion or not! [Well I am lucky here :D]. Also we can use walking direction to look for the best direction on foot!
  • Improvement to Google Latitude: Issue causing background location update to periodically stop has been fixed. Now one just needs to select “Detect your Location” once and it will continue updating.
  • Experimental Update Feature: This lets you communicate with friends and post messages. Start Latitude and click the "Updates" tab to shout out updates at friends when they’re at interesting locations, start a conversation when you’re at your favorite restaurant, or just add more details to your Latitude location for your friends to see. Note that both the users need to download the latest version of Maps.
  • Better Street View: With the newer version we can now check out Street View directly from any search result where imagery is available. We can also long-press any point on the map, in map view or satellite view, and you’ll see a Street View thumbnail wherever imagery is available.

Well quite a long list of features isn’t it. Even if you don’t have a Android Phone but have unlimited packet data connection [GPRS, EDGE] then do download the latest version of this software available for your mobile to see what new you can get! Also do share your experience with us…

Source: Google Mobile Blog