Mozilla Firefox 3.5 final version to get released by end of June & RC by this Friday [AutoUpdate to beta tester today]

Firefox 3.5 going to release by the end of this monthYes! You have heard it right… The wait is finally over [Well ….not yet exactly ! ]… On Tuesday Firefox director Mike Beltzner said that Firefox 3.5 RC will be issued on Friday this week and the final version by the end of this month. Well this day has been most awaited for Firefox lovers like us! After the final release we shall also be able to see how Firefox has improved in comparison with its competitors like Google Chrome or Safari 4!…

The direct download link of Firefox 3.5 RC [Release Candidate] will be made on Friday. If you are a Firefox 3.5 beta user then you will get an automatic update for this RC version. Please read on below to know more on this…

Availability and Download links:

Note that although Firefox 3.5 early RC is available for Update but no direct download has been given yet! If you wish to update to Firefox 3.5 RC right now then do any of the following in accordance to your system

  • If you are a Firefox 3.5 beta user: If you have not got the update yet then just Go to “Help” > “Check for Updates” to get the update immediately.
  • If you are a Firefox 3.0.11 user and would like to get the update now: For that you need to download and install the beta version and then update. Follow these steps
  • If you not like to download the beta now:(RECOMMENDED) Well just wait for Friday and then the RC will be available on the Firefox official website for download. Simply download from there and install.

Well personally I am going to wait till Friday and then will download and install the RC. To read more about this please head on to this post @ Mozilla developers news

New Features and improvements:

Now this is a GOOOD question! According to Mozilla, Firefox 3.5 is coming up with 5000+ [WOW! Can you imagine!] improvements and Features. Below we have listed useful ones…

  • Available in 70 languages. Grab your local version now!
  • Support for new web technologies such as: HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements, downloadable fonts and other new CSS properties, JavaScript query selectors, HTML5 offline data storage for applications, and SVG transforms.
  • Support for native JSON(JavaScript Object Notation, and web worker threads enabling technology for better communication with browser and server & letting browser based applications to run in the background, respectively.
  • Better built-in graphics technology through CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standards
  • Ability to delete browsing trace to delete recent period of time or specific web-site.

These are something which are important and can hugely change our browsing experience. To know about all the features please read this.

After Firefox 3.5: [A look to the future]

Obviously Firefox development won’t stop here. Neither the development of other browsers. The current one is Firefox 3.5 code named “Shiretoko”. On discussing about the future of Firefox 3.5 which is codenamed as Namoroka Mozilla team has clarified the following points:

  • Better isolation technology called “Electrolysis”: which will help Firefox from Crashes. This means in near future we can expect Firefox to run even if one Tab has crashed.
  • 64 bit version for MAC OS X: It has also been said by Damon Sicore, director of platform engineering that Firefox will come into 64 but version for Mac OS X. So a good news for Mac users

To read more on this, please go to this post on CNET news to get a better and complete review on the Firefox Future.

As said before, personally I am Firefox 3.0.11 user and will wait to download the RC version on Friday. If you have been using Firefox 3.5 beta then do share your experience with us through your comments.