How to: Properly Disable Windows Automatic Update on Windows 7

Turning windows update off Many users face problem while disabling the Windows Automatic Update on Windows 7. Even last time my bro called me and asked me how to do this. Now you may wonder what’s the big deal in just disabling it from the Windows Update Center from Control Panel. Basically, the thing is that when we disable it from the Windows Update Center, only a part of it gets disabled. But Windows Update still starts automatically and eats up some of your precious bandwidth…

So we are going to discuss how to permanently disable Windows Update from Windows 7. After this tweak Windows 7 update service will not start at all… So you don’t have to worry about any excess bandwidth usage… [Recommended Reading: 5 tips to lower your broadband usage over internet]

#1: Disabling from Windows Update Center:

This is a easier step and you might be aware of it. Anyways for those who don’t know, here are the steps…

  • Go to Start Menu > Control Panel and switch to large icon viewswitching to category view
  • Now at the end of the list click on “Windows Update
  • Windows Update panel will pop on let me choose my settings Now select the “Let me choose my settings” option
  • Now under “Important Updates” section click on the dropdown menu and select the “Never Check for Updates” never check for updates
  • Apply all changes [Just press OK] and you are done

#2: Disabling from the Administrative Tools:

In this step we will disable the Automatic Update service from the administrative tools. This will permanently stop it and will prevent it from being started on each start up. So after this tweak, you don’t have to worry about Automatic Updates anymore…

Caution: Doing so will make any program depending on Windows Update API [WUA] stop working. So it is not recommended if you use such program. [But I will recommend you to do this if you want to save your bandwidth!]

So here is how to do it:

  • Go to Control Panel before and switch to Icon View as before.Click on Administrative Tools Now click on the “Administrative Tools” icon.
  • From the Administrative Tools double click on “Services”.Service Window This will open up the Service panel.
  • Now scroll down to the list and find and select “Windows Update”.Find Windows Update While selecting it take a look on the left sidebar panel. If there is something like “Stop the Service” simply click on it.Stop the service Else just ignore this step.
  • Now right click on Windows Updatego to winupdate properties and go to Properties.
  • Now under the Startup Type from the Properties Window select the Disabled option from the dropdown menu.disable windows update
  • Hit OK and save everything

Voila… Now you have properly disabled the windows update…

So that was the guide of completely disabling windows update on your win7 PC. I hope it was useful for you! Do give us your feedback… If you have any query, feel free to ask us through your comments…


  1. THRobinson

    My prob is, after I disable auto updates… eventually when I run the updater manually, or update MSN, the thing gets re-enabled again. Will doing this disable it permanently? or just until another update decides to switch it back on again without notice?

  2. Shaiwal Tripathi

    Thanks for the great help, i was tired form formatting my windows every month.

  3. Taki

    It worked for a few weeks, then it auto turns on again. Tried turning it off, but it seems like I need to turn it off every time I switch on my computer now.

  4. Kumar Raj

    Though I disabled windows update following the steps you said, Windows Update starts up automatically in next start up. How to permanently disable it? Please tell me.

  5. Pete

    This is terrible advice, and the article should come with flashing red signs saying “This is how you leave your computer vulnerable to Windows Security flaws!”

    It uses a tiny, tiny portion of your bandwidth, and even dialup users should leave it enabled. For them, the advice should be about how to set it to notify of new updates without automatically downloading them.

  6. Drew Stunt Reborn

    type group policy on run.
    then on the both computer configuration and user configuration >administrative template>windows component>windows update.

    and then press letter “d” and “n” repeatedly until you disabled every function of windows update.
    then press ok and restart.

    then check your windows update GUI. you will see your windows update permanently disable. u cant click anything from it :).

    I hope this answer your problem.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Drew Stunt Reborn

    Good day.
    I’m just passing by and saw this tread.

    Here is what you need to do to permanently disable windows update.

    type “group policy” on run and hit enter
    on both “Computer Configuration and User Configuration” >Windows Conponents>Windows Update

    Once your inside Windows Update tab. press “d” and “n” continously until you disable every function for windows update
    Click appy and Ok and followed by restart.

    Once your windows is back try to check your windows update GUI, you will notice that your Windows update is completely disabled and you can’t click any radio button.

    I hope this answers your problem regarding disabling windows update permanently.

    Have a nice day. CHEERIOS!!!

  8. Corazon

    Could not fix Windows Update error “#elementmoduleheadertext#”. When i disabled Windows Update, I fixed the shutdown time of my computer which was taking forever. Thanks.

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