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BlogBuzzer Share your Blog If you are serious about your blogging, then you must be aware about the SEO [Search Engine Optimization] of your Blog. As discussed before there are number of ways to increase the SEO of your Blog. One of the best practice is Pinging your Blog contents to the search engines… But it becomes very difficult to ping your blog manually to all the search engines… It takes some reasonable amount of time during which you can write some good articles for your blog. So, most of the bloggers use some ping-o-matic services to out-source their work. Well, sounds good, but in practice it may cost you much!

Although there are some free ping-o-matic services, but they are actually useful only when subscribed for the premium membership. Luckily, there exists a service called BlogBuzzer which does the work at no cost. You might be wondering why we have used “More for Premium Members” in the title. Basically, I have personally used this service, and the free features seemed to be enough for new bloggers. Now if you are a professional blogger and want to take more out of the SEO of your blog, then the premium features become very much handy [Of course at a reasonable price of only 9$/year]. BlogBuzzer is not only just a ping-o-matic service, it has many other features which can really drive traffic to your blog using the search engines… Read below to find out the best features of BlogBuzzer…

Top FREE Ping Services and Features:

By default when you ping your blog using BlogBuzzer it submits your blog posts to a number of blog directories including  Blog Catalog, Blog Hub, Blog Intro, Blog Pulse, Blog Rolling, Google Blogsearch, Newgator etc… Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the BlogBuzzer Home Page and enter your Blog name and URL.Pinging through BlogBuzzer Now simple click on the Ping Button.
  • BlogBuzzer will ping your blog to the blog directories and will show the status.default Ping Status

It takes very little time to ping your blog, which makes this service really useful for busy bloggers.

More Features for Premium members:

BlogBuzzer premium membership costs only 9$/year. Spending this amount of money you will get

  • Ability to add multiple blogs to your account;Members area of BlogBuzzer BlogBuzzer will monitor them all and will ping them automatically when they are updated.
  • Along with standard blog directories, premium blogs will also be pinged over major directories including Delicious, Stumble Upon , Blogopedia, BlogHub, Google Search. Yahoo Search, Bing Search.Premium Ping status
  • All these services together will surely boost the traffic of your blog by increasing the SEO.

According to Brandon, the administrator of BlogBuzzer

The main advantage of the premium account over the free pinging is the ability to have your blogs automatically pinged, as well as we manually submit all members blogs to search engines and social bookmarking sites including: delicious, stumbleupon, Google, Yahoo, and Bing

The money tag of only 9$/years seems very much reasonable to me considering all these features

Some Words from the Creator of BlogBuzzer:

Luckily, I could personally ask some questions to Brandon, to know more about BlogBuzzer Service. Here are few of the questions which I asked him…

#1: Apart from the ability of adding blog posts on search engines, is there any other feature which makes blogbuzzer better than other ping-o-matic services?

Blogbuzzer differs from service like Ping-o-matic and Pingoat in that it does support multiple language submissions, and through the premium membership BlogBuzzer automatically monitors blogs and pings them whenever they are updated. In addition to the search engines and blog directories BlogBuzzer premium also submits blogs to social media tools including delicious, stumbleupon, and twitter.

#2: Mostly ping-o-matic services are abused by spammers. So what are your concerns to stop this spamming or minimize it?

In regards to blog spammers, BlogBuzzer takes it seriously and has actually started a web service named Splog Project which is currently collecting spam blogs and prevents them from being pinged using BlogBuzzer as well as offering its database of splogs to other sites to use.

#3: Regarding the cost of the premium membership, is it just low as a part of an introductory offer and will get increased over time, or are you going to charge this much only?

The BlogBuzzer premium account is only $9, and we plan to keep it at this price for the foreseeable future. We are able to keep the price this low because we are not looking to make a huge profit on the servic itself but rather cover server charges.

#4: What upcoming features we may expect from blogbuzzer?

BlogBuzzer is constantly working on new features and improvements in BlogBuzzer. Some upcoming features include: autodetect of blog languages, persistant logins for members which means that all member options will be available throughout the BlogBuzzer application.

Personally I suggest you to go forward and buy the premium membership from BlogBuzzer. It will cost very little money and will give you all the services you need for pinging your blog along with some major search engine submission. For now, don’t forget to use the free ping service of BlogBuzzer
>. Do let us know how you liked this service. Also if you have any suggestion feel free to tell us through your comments…