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Ever thought of a site covering A-Z every topic related to Web-Hosting? Well, previously we have discussed about many sites reviewing the latest and most reliable web hosts, and ranking them according to their points, but still all the information remains incomplete without knowing what actually lies behind web hosting and how to grade them yourself…


This time when I was asked to review I found the site to be really useful and information rich! Basically, it is not just another webhost reviewing website… it is a complete guide for a web master to choose the perfect web host manually. Basically it tells us a-z everything about what a web host can offer and how to, why to and moreover where to use that feature! So, it tells what exactly we should know about webhosting. After going through their guide, personally I have learned many things… Like

  • Using the web host provider to increase the SEO of our site
  • Securing the Web host
  • The role of Control panel in Ecommerce site
  • HyperVM and VPS hosting

and many more… Let us see how we can use this site to increase our knowledge related to web hosting!

General Articles Related to Web Hostings:

Categories of WHF No, I am not talking about which host is better that what host, but I am talking about knowing any standard web host from depth. They mainly provide information on what should be there on any good and reliable web host and how to use them… Like consider reading the following two articles:

I am quoting my favorite lines from the second post related to SEO webhosting:

The important question is, what can you do with your web hosting account to make your job as a site owner and search engine optimization specialist easier? The answer to this question is simple – diversification. Does your web host allow adequate diversification. If the answer is no, then you will need to find another web host that will. What do I mean by adequate diversification? Well, you have to understand that search engine optimization can not be optimal by utilizing only one website.

So, it tells you what feature you should look if you are concerned about the SEO of your Website and want a web host to do the SEO job for you!

Other categories which includes general information related to Web hosting are Control Panel, Domains, Security, Software and of course Introduction.

Articles Related to CMS, Web site making and SEO:

Web hosts are of no use if you don’t understand how to make a Website. The easiest way of making a website is using CMS [Content Management System]. So before you go forward to buy a website make sure to know CMS in detail. Else you may find it confusing when you will try to make any major changes to your website. Also, your site can be popular only when it gets listed by search engines like Google, Yahoo etc… So, you also need to know about Search Engine Optimization to make your website live!

Just go through the CMS and SEO sections to gather basic and advanced knowledge about them… Below I have picked up some of the best articles published:

There are more… Make sure you read them by browsing to the above mentioned categories!

Other Information:

It does not end here… There are other information available which includes:

Make sure to browse the News section to update your self with the latest trends and changes taking place inside the world of Webhosting and also the Ecommerce section to know how to make a profitable website as a Merchant!

That was all about… I hope you have liked this website! Do give us your feedback to let us know what you are thinking!