Hot smartphones pitted against each other

smart_phonesR (Large)Your buddy just got a hot new smartphone ?? And all you can do is just swooning over his sexy new phone .Well its time you got yourself one . We know with so many top brands like apple , HTC , T mobile , samsung ,Palm and nokia launching their smartphones in the market , it’s hard to keep track. Well dont worry , GTS brings you a comparision of the touchscreen phones based upon features looks and price . So read on ……



According to Kiplinger’s January 2008 issue Apple’s iPhone dominates the smartphone category as the best designed device.Though its other competetors arent far behind it .If you’re looking for a slim, pocket-size phone, consider the Samsung galaxy and the Samsung Omnia II: With a thickness of just 0.46 inch each, they’re the slimmest units in our group, followed closely by the iPhone3G & iPhone3GS at 0.48 inch each. Although we suggest Nokia 5530,if you love colors as this phone comes in five color combinations (and is lightest amongst all its counterparts).

If you do a lot of texting then u certainly need a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but only three of the new smartphones have a full QWERTY keyboard: the Palm Pre, the Nokia N97, and the HTC Touch Pro2.among the three The Palm Pre has the smallest physical keyboard , as it is oriented vertically.Others have touchscreen keyboards,typing in which requires getting used to

Features and specifications

  • The Nokia N95 almost every feature but with one major drawback , a screen too smaal to watch videos. Althoug very expensive ($US700)yet it runs down its battery faster than any other smartphone
  • Of all models discussed here you can get 5 megapixel cameras in, the Nokia N97, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Samsung Omnia II along with flash and auto focus.HTC Hero has a 5-megapixel camera, too, but no flash.  the Nokia N97, the HTC Touch Pro2, and the Samsung Omnia II have front facing cameras for video calls
  • If e-mail’s your thing, the BlackBerry beats the iPhone hands down.Blackberry Curve 8320 although has a small screen . But still, it can make VOIP calls over a local Wi-Fi network which is a nice twist
  • Only  the Nokia N97, the Nokia 5530, and the Samsung Omnia II smartphones come with an FM radio tuner .The tuner on the HTC Touch Pro2 is factory-locked, so your access to the feature depends on your wireless carrier.
  • a common omission with HTC-manufactured phones can also be seen in The T-Mobile myTouch 3G and the HTC Touch Pro2 , that is , they lack a 3.5 mm headphone jack instead depend on a proprietary USB connection to double up as a headphone port.
  • All these smartphones are great for web browsing .Although palm pre and the two iPhones top the list.
  • The HTC Hero will be the first model to offer built-in Adobe Flash support; other Android phones, along with Nokia and Palm models, will have the feature later this year. Currently, the Nokia N97 uses a scaled-down version of Flash called Flash Lite.
  • the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G come equipped with a nonremovable battery .the Palm Pre, the Nokia N97 and the HTC Hero–tend to have shorter battery lives, owing to the power strain on the CPU as they support multi tasking
  • If you want lots of storage space so you can carry your music around with you, the  iPhone 3GS or the Nokia N97 (32 GB)is the ideal choice


  • Apple iPhone3GS(32 GB) : 299$
  • Blackberry Curve series :532$ ;25900INR
  • HTC touch pro :300$ ; 36990INR
  • Samsung omania : 555$; 27000INR
  • Nokia N97 : 658$ ; 32k INR
  • Nokia 5330 : 288$ ; 14000INR

Well always remember that the smartphone you are going to buy isnt just your phone but one of your essential gadgets for the next two years . So take time and decide what are your requirements and then go ahead with buying the hottest device of the season 🙂 after all even you deserve one !!!