Home page revamped

Hello folks,

Finally we’ve revamped our homepage. As you can see, currently our home page shows recent articles from five most visited categories, WordPress, Web Development, Web Designing, Linux and Academic Programming. It was long due, as the previous blog type design was not sufficient to give effective exposure to our articles. After a long working day, it is finally there. Here is a snapshot of what our new home page looks like…

Also, we have touched several designing components. Most importantly, we have switched to Google WebFont from Cufon type fonts. So, our all pages load faster. Talking about speed, our site’s overall speed has increased significantly after moving to WP Web Host. Anyway, hope you will like the new look & feel of our site.

Also as you can see, our new design, gives more exposure to the authors. Till now (and hopefully for a few more days in future) intechgrity haven’t been providing guest blogging opportunity. But, now we feel like it is the time to open ourselves to the community for the niche we target on. We are currently developing a WordPress Revenue Sharing plugin. Once done, we shall open the registration for everyone. Here, you will get the chance for revenue sharing, even if you do not have adsense account through our adsense channels. Well, all these are due for a few more days (or weeks). We shall let you know as soon as possible.

And for the new design, do give your feedback.