Google Flipper – the new Google labs project

Nope Flipper is not the cute little dolphin in the amusement water park . IT is the latest google labs project that lets you browse its news service in a more visual manner.dolphin11

Through this visual way , as if you are flipping through a magazine , makes it quicker and easier for you to decide which stories you want to read.And guess what , for smartphones like the iPhone and blackberry it is a natural format for quick scanning

as google says

Flipper is a tool for managing pairs of MySQL servers replicating to each other (commonly known as master-master replication or dual-master replication). Master-master replication is a great way of ensuring high availability for MySQL databases – it enables one half of the pair to be taken offline for maintenance work while the other half carries on dealing with queries from clients.

Flipper achieves this by moving IP addresses based on a role between the two nodes in the master pair, to ensure that each role is available.

Flipper is written in perl, and has been designed to be as portable as possible.

Google Flipper isn’t an entirely new concept, but more of an update to Google News and would enable users to browse through news by keywords, popularity of each news and how many recommendation each item has.The service appears to be a new way to view news data — instead of seeing headlines and descriptions, you basically see a screenshot of the actual news article.image86

I love that Google puts these things out there relatively earlier. It’s fun for us and smart for them as they receive actual, like, user feedback.But come to think of it, printed newspapers to entice more readerships, right? Would it work for Google News? That we will have to find out as soon as Google publicly announce Google Flipper.