Fix Windows Command Prompt Scaling between 4k & HD Monitor

So very recently (just yesterday) I got myself a nice 4k display to get some good screen real estate. The monitor is a Samsung LU28E590DS/XL 28-inch UHD LED. The display is quite stunning and resolution is awesome.

Scaling Issue with Command Prompt

Now my PC has a GTX 970 running which supports quite a lot of 4k monitors. Previously I was using two Dell monitors (Full HD) one of them being touch screen for testing out my web applications, so I though about using the new 4k display along with the touchscreen one.

Windows detected them correctly and a scale of 150% was applied to the 4k monitor. Everything was good until I open the Git Bash prompt.

Initially it looked perfect on my 4k display.

But then I dragged the window from 4k to HD.

Notice the title bar scaling up? Now I drag it back from HD to 4k.

That’s a big “What the hell???” I actually resized before taking the screenshot because in reality it was covering all of my screen.

Fixing CMD Scaling issue on 4k display

Luckily I was able to find a solution and it was quite easy too.

  • Open the Git Bash folder (C:\Program Files\Git).
  • Right click on the Git Bash and go to Properties > Compatibility.
  • Change Override High DPI Scaling behavior to System (enhanced).

Save the settings, relaunch your CMD and see the magic.