First RoundUp of iTg – Must Read Posts on Archive

And some roundup Its been some time we moved from GTS to ITG. As promised before, this is our first roundup post containing must read articles from our Archive. We have also included a small description for each of them in order to help you understanding the contents at a glance!

Personally after reading this post on ShoutMeLoud, I thought making Roundup posts regularly! But due many engagements, especially buying our domain and getting an admission into college, I wasn’t able to find enough time to make one! Today also I have a busy schedule as I need to go to my college for some work…… So rather than delaying it any further I thought of making the first round up…

Ok! enough personal talk! Now lets get working…

Best Blogging Tips so far:

Best Freebies shared at iTg:

Best Firefox Add-ons to install:

Best xHTML & CSS web-designing Tutorials posted:

Series of Most useful HTML elements [Tags]:
  1. Explanation of Basic Span element
  2. Explanation of Advanced Div Element
  3. Miscellaneous Elements like textarea, image etc
Series explaining how to modify the Looks of default unordered list of your Website/Blog:
  1. Making the list stylish with Background Images
  2. Customizing it into Piled list using CSS only (No background image)
Series Explaining the Usage of HTML Id for CSS and JavaScript:
  1. Part 1 – HTML Id as CSS selector and Changing the content dynamically with JavaScript
  2. Part 2 – Making Anchor Links and Jump within an Webpage using #link

Top Search Engine Optimization and Webmaster guides:

Top PC & General Tips and Tricks posted so far:

Top Security and Maintenance related posts:

Phew!! Now that was a long list. In future we shall be doing round up regularly in order to make the round ups neat and clean! Stay with us and keep enjoying…

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